For many years hacking has been on the rise. Cyber attacks create hundreds of billions of dollars of loss every year. These are often large corporations with professional security budgets. Government, small business are less often targeted but are not spared. Many home computers are part of a network of infected computers used to attack others and people can come to feel helpless as they notice their computer doing strange things.

During times of anxiety and fear people often take advantage of the potential snap decisions by sending bait that lures people into traps that infect their computers. Antivirus and anti-malware programs are not up to the task these days because their techniques have been bypassed by more advanced techniques and technologies to disguise “payloads”

Preying on Anxiety and Fear

“This is because it preys on your fear and anxiety towards the coronavirus. It became far too easy for hackers to fool people, IntSights a global intelligence agency, has already stated the increased number of domains with the names “covid” and “corona” have skyrocketed from over 900 during December 2019 to 38,000 in March 2020.” ( source)

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