Work from home – Let us expand your horizons

We relaunched our business site. This is the initial post, and it was about 3 weeks into the Covid 19 lockdown as it grew more and more restrictive that we updated the website. WordPress is used ubiquitously for business, blogs, news and business websites.

One day at a time we adapt to the news and changes in how we work.

Do you do online meetings? Here are some possibilities we could help you explore.

Skype: After many years of using Skype we cut it because of the malware risk it presented. If you are using Skype on windows particularly talk to us about migrating and protecting yourself. Of course its true that Skype may have addressed this but it was our opinion that we could find a safer app after personally finding payloads of malware inside Skype (and many other Microsoft built in applications)

Wire: A chat, video and collaboration tool focused on the best of end to end encryption and security. Peer reviewed by independent researchers and given the thumbs up. We use this because when customers ask – what is secure – well this is one thing that comes to mind.

Zoom: for bigger meetings with many people Zoom is very popular but for security it has had a chequered recent past with vulnerabilities being patched and the company swearing “its safe this time”. It often takes a few cycles of changes before vulnerabilities are all discovered. Do we use it – mostly with clients. Its good to have Wire and Zoom.

Teamwork apps: Many companies at some point try to collect chat into a coherent place where you can find and organise people, discussions and workflows. For a few hours of our time we could initiate your to accessing and customizing an app and inviting your team. If you lack IT expertise then Cyber-Living is here to be of assistance and give you advice on keeping things secure and safe.

Slack: here is how the company describe it ” is where work flows. It’s where the people you need, the information you share, and the tools you use come together to get things done.”

Twist: An alternative to slack which the company believes can be “too fast paced” for users but work is given more of a chance to get done in the Twist world. I’m going to review this one.

Google Alternatives: Meet is an alternative to Zoom or Skype and there are applications still being developed that are designed along the lines of Slack. Some companies own Google Apps for their email but haven’t explored all the different applications that are there waiting if you can find your way to setting them up for your team. We’d like to help with that.

We’ll review more products but remember – with Cyber Living you’ll also get security expertise and products that can reduce your chances of losing a lot of money and time to hackers and malware.