Cyber Living formed to bring affordable security and support IT solutions to everybody. We are focused on small to medium business network security and personal computer security. We develop your office environment and work through problems with our customers. We personalize services to your needs providing online remote or in person support.
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Research and Advisory

Your home is full of network devices - the IOT. Each one could be vulnerable to hacking. Talk to us about securing your network affordably.
Removing Malicious Software
A new approach to security is needed in a period in time when hackers and bad actors have the upper hand. Your malware software just can't find it - and yet you feel you having issues and strange visual sites. Files appearing, programs that worked having strange issues. You are not being paranoid because these are signs many of us experience and a search for altered software reveals you have indeed been breached. We have developed a protocol and found some unusual ways to protect you that are working for customers. Some customers feel so much less stress when they can talk to us and we believe them. If your IT support can't find it then you should let us investigate if your computer has been altered by malicious software or hacking.
Business Intelligence
Just let us know what you need and we'll bring our experience to the table to accelerate your ability to make choices. Some big changes are actually very easy to implement, cheap, fast and you will wonder why you weren't using these tools all along. Other big expenses that you balked at will pay for themselves in security and time saving. We can help you know if its right for your business or if you can put it on hold.
Remote Work and Support
Everyone needs a helping hand so they can get on with their daily business. Establish a working relationship with our team members by name - personalized needs. In this post Covid 19 world many of us are working from home, remote conferencing and we are here to help you make the transition.
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Managing Director

Cyber Security and Counter Terrorism Researcher, Data Center Systems Admin


    Security Researcher and Infrastructure Designer

    Remote Services from the Asia Pacific Time Zone. Writer and Researcher for the website. Provides customer solutions and recommendations after gathering requirements.