Like everyone – Cyber-living are adapting to this massive shut down, shelter at home situation. The main team are listed on the bottom of the home page of this site. Terry and Michael and several networked associates that we can call in as needed.

We have been noticing that during this health crisis the kind of calls and requests extend to general repair requests. Phones and laptops are breaking down and we want to build up whatever aspects of our computing related services to match what the people need. We can try to help you evaluate if it is hardware damage or a software problem and take responsibility for finding the right advice.

Maybe these new relationships that form during these tough times will last into the future. We want to save you money and time and keep you working.

Times of meeting in person are on hold – but your computer is more than ever one of your most powerful tools. It bring us closer if we use it wisely and safely.

More than this we can’t recommend enough our security services to protect you from being exploited by hackers, scammers and other internet threats.

Regard internet security: we are happy give you a free talk and look at your computer. We can get you started for merely signing up to our newsletter. Something we are developing now to meet your needs in these difficult times. Your software won’t detect, malware that is undetectable … because it was tested so using security software. If it was detectable it wouldn’t be released. We know where it hides and how to find it, how to patch known vulnerabilities and harden your system. Windows Hardening, Mac Hardening and a real stateful firewall install. Then we give you whatever best of class software is available and working and training. We teach you how to use a sandbox with your browser so an accidental click has a vastly reduced chance of infecting your computer and turning it over to a hacker to watch everything you do at their convenience.

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